Sunday, October 11, 2009

My first cover from KSA

As you noticed last week was again a very busy week with low number of posts in this blog… But today I am very proud to share with you my first cover from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Thank you Ganesh for this very nice cover. I owe you a cover on my side, thanks a lot for your patience.
Here is the cover.

The large stamp is part of a set of two issued on the 26th of May 2002 and picturing the King Fahd Industrial Port located in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Here is a picture of the full set.

Both stamps picture the same view of the Industrial port. In the right top corner, the stamps picture the coat of arms of Saudi Arabia, adopted in 1950, which consists in two crossed swords under of palm tree.

The other stamp of the cover is part of a definitive series. This specific stamp was issued on the 21st of September 1996. All stamps of the series have the same design and picture the Holy Kaaba, the most sacred site in Islam.
The Kaaba is a cubical building located in Mecca. It is made of granite and covered with a black silk and gold curtain. All Muslims around the world face the Kaaba during prayers, no matter where they are. One of the five pillars of Islam requires every Muslim to perform a pilgrimage (called the Hajj) at least once in their lifetime. One part of the Hajj consists in walking several times around the Kaaba in a counter clockwise direction.

There is something about those stamps that triggered a question in my mind: I thought that according to the UPU rules, postage stamps should bear the name of the issuing country in Latin alphabet (except Great Britain that is the only counrty that is allowed to issue stamps without indication of the country name). This is not the case for these stamps from KSA. So was I wrong about this rule? Anyone knows?

Another thing to be noticed on the cover if the very very nice postmark. It is clear and bicolor! The date is in red while the rest of the cancel is blue. You may also notice that this cover is cancelled on the 9th of September 2009, making it my second 09/09/09 cover! I wonder if this is because of this exceptional event that the cancel has two colors, or if this is always the case.

Thank you again Ganesh. I’m very happy to add this wonderful item to my collection!


John said...

I think the rule about country names still stamds, but some places do try to "get away with it" from time to time. The USA had a stamp which did not give its name but I suppose they thought that as it showed the Stars and Stripes and the White House, everyone would know who it was anyway!

Kiron said...

Hi Eric and John ,
KSA on the stamp is good enough indication .Top of it many regions will not use a foreign language( English).It is possible that in the arabic writing, the indication of country is known.You must understand esp in the Middle East, the English Language is the enemy and hence unclean so any extra letters will be unwelcome.I know many cultures burn or destroy foreign stamps.
Kiron Manuel

Obsessed said...

Hi I just want to say that the name of the country is not mentioned neither in Arabic Nor in English since the coat of arm is showing on the stamp which indicates the issuing country.
The Arabic writing is the name of the places shown on the stamps. if the English language is not welcomed then they shouldn't be showing the value in English.
As far as I know few stamps only may not have English on them .. it may be this one only . the Saudi Post website is( as well as all of other Government webists) available in Both Languages Arabic & English

stamp and postal histroy said...

Thanks for your useful info and great details for Saudi stamp.
Let me please disagree with Mr. comment about the Middle East peoples . ( I just want to explain to the readers that we do not look at the English Language or any others language as the enemy hence unclean.) this is not true and he may living so where out of our plant or he may not been traveling or reading enough to understand the other nations culture .)
Saudi Arabia and all others Countries in Middle East use English – French Language on their stamp .
You just need to pick up stamp Catalogue and look to the Middle East stamp to find out the True info.
So I hope Mr. will not mislead others people by his untrue info.
Second > for Saudi Arabia stamp I think the reason for not mention the name of the Country on some of their recent stamp is design concept , keeping the coat of arm only. So some people will make guessing and try to find out more about the country .
Third . For Hajji waking around Kaaba in Mecca the walking is seven times only.
I will display some Saudi Arabia stamps with English Language on it to approve that we are not against any other peoples Language here in Middle East and we speak it and use it in our delay life .