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Covers and souvenir sheet from Czech Republic

On the 1st of September I published a post related to a souvenir sheet to be issued by Czech Republic the day after and picturing a frog. At this time I had only a small picture of the sheet. Now that I have purchased the sheet on an auction website I can share with you a bigger picture. The sheet is really nice and deserves it.

As you can see a lot of animals and plants are pictured. For each of them the scientific name is indicated and the name in Czech also. Here are the animals that are pictured on the stamps or on the labels:

Caprimulgus europaeus - European Nightjar
Myotis myotis - Greater mouse-eared bat
Tyto alba - Barn Owl
Smerinthus ocellatus - Eyed Hawk-Moth
Bubo bubo - Eurasian Eagle Owl
Ciconia nigra - Black Stork
Cervus elaphus - Red Deer
Aglia tau - Tau Emperor
Rana dalmatina - Agile frog
Eudia pavonia - Small Emperor Moth
Muscardinus avellanarius - Hazel Dormouse
Carabus irregularis - (I did not find any common name)
Eresus sandaliatus - Ladybird spider
Libelloides coccajus- (I did not find any common name)
Trichius fasciatus - Bee beetle

The plants are pictured on the margin of the sheet:
Taxus baccata - Common yew
Fagus sylvatica - European Beech
Sorbus aria - Common Whitebeam
Dentaria enneaphyllos - Drooping Bittercress
Dictamnus albus - Burning-bush
This is a sheet that can satisfy a lot of topical collectors!
I would like also to share with you the registered cover used by the seller to send me my purchase. Here is the recto side, nothing exceptional except a big number of labels!

The stamp located in the top right corner is part of the definitive series “Beauty of flowers”. This stamp was issued on the 9th of May 2007 and pictures a flower that I like: Cyclamen.
As you can imagine this low face value stamp is not enough to frank a registered letter from Czech Republic to France. The rest of the franking is on the other side of the cover: the sender used another copy of the souvenir sheet to frank the cover! Nice idea, isn’t it?

Like that I have a used and unused version of the souvenir sheet!

Early in September I also received two other covers from Czech Republic, from a reader of my blog. Thank you so much for these covers!
These covers seem to have been sent from a philatelic exhibition, SBERATEL, which was held in Prague beginning of September.
The first cover is franked with a part of the souvenir sheet that I just got, the part with the label picturing a frog.

The other stamp is the Europa issue of 2005. The theme of the Europa stamps in 2005 was gastronomy.
I was not really able to decipher the postmark but I guess it has something to do with United Nations, since it pictures the logo of UN.
The second cover is cancelled with the postmark of the exhibition.

The French post was represented at this exhibition; hence the French cancel in the left bottom corner of the cover.
The large stamp is part of the Art series, a very beautiful series! This stamp was issued on the 12th of November 1997 and pictures painting from Antonin Chitussi (1847-1891), a Czech Impressionist painter. The painting pictured on the stamp is entitled “Landscape with Chateau in Chantilly”.
The other stamp is a more r
ecent one. It was issued on the 22nd of April 2009 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the building of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. This building started in 1928 was supposed to be completed in three years but six years were needed to finish it. The whole building is decorated with 120 statues picturing allegories of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering but also Enterprise, Invention, Perseverance, Truthfulness, Trade and Industry.

These two covers are really fantastic and they confirm all the good things I think about philately of Czech Republic!

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