Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Frog on a new souvenir sheet from Czech Republic

Some postal administrations do have the very good idea to publish on their website pictures and information about future stamp issues and not only about past issues. This is the case of the postal administration of Czech Republic. I visited its website yesterday, a bit by accident, and I discovered that tomorrow is going to be issued a souvenir sheet that will fit into my frog stamp collection.
Here is the picture of the souvenir sheet to be issued on the 2nd of September 2009. A rather nice sheet, isn’t it?

The souvenir sheet celebrates the bio diversity of the Krivoklátsko region. This area was proclaimed a UNESCO biosphere reserve on the 1st of March 1977. Two thirds of the area are covered with forests. The formation and the preserved character of the whole area have been highly affected by the Berounka River.
The souvenir sheet contains four stamps and four labels that picture various endangered species. As the picture of the souvenir sheet is rather small it’s hard to identify clearly all the species that are pictured. The only thing of which I’m quite sure is that the frog pictured on the label in the bottom right corner is an Agile frog (Rana dalmatina). This is a type of frog that rather long legs, which allow it to jump further than other similar frogs - they have been known to jump up to two meters in distance!

Now I have to find a way to get this new issue for my collection!

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