Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cover and souvenir sheets from Thailand

I initialy thought that this week would be a bit quieter than the previous ones but I was wrong... Anyway I decided tonight to make a break and to spend some time on stamps and my blog.
For today I have selected a cover that I got from Thailand. This is the second one I get from this country.

As you can see, the cover is franked with a mini sheet of ten stamps, quite impressive! This stamp has been issued on the 17th of March 2008. This is a message stamp, symbolizing love with this big red heart through which a man and a woman hold hands. But the second part of the franking is also interesting: this is an ATM picturing a very nice elephant family (click on the picture to see better the cover and the ATM). Very cute I think. I know that some of my reders are big fan of ATM and I'm sure that they will appreciate this cover.
Inside the cover, I found a set of very nice souvenir sheets. I selected two to share with you.
The first one is a souvenir sheet issued on the 10th of January 2009 to celebrate the National Children's Day.
The National Children's Day is a celebration that has been initiated in 1955 to celebrate youth and to encorage young people to respect the values of their nation. Since 1963 the National Children's day is celebrated the second Saturday of January. The postal administration of Thailand issues stamps at this occasion since 1960. This year, the set contains eight stamps and pictures the story of Phra Abhai Manee.

Phra Abhai Manee is a major work composed by Phra Sunthorn Voharn (1786-1855), also known as Sunthorn Phu, a famous Thai poet. His main work is this long narrative poem containing 24500 lines. Phra Abhai Manee is a young man who is banished by his father because he prefers to learn how to play flute than receiving the education of a prince. The poem tells about the adventures he lives after leaving home with Sri Suvan his brother.
The souvenir sheet pictures seeveral characters of the poem (from left to right and top to bottom):
- Sri Suvan the young brother who learns about fighting
- Phra Abhai Manee himself, playing flute
- a mermaid who at one point in time becomes Phra Abhai Manee's wife and gets a son, Sud Sakhon
- Pisua Samudr, the sea giantess who gets enchanted by the flute of the hero and emprisons him in her cave. He finally gets married with her and gets a son, Sin Samudr, from her
- Sud Sakhon, the son of the hero and the mermaid
- Phra Chao Ta, an old hermit who takes care of Sud Sakhon
- Chee Pleuay the naked fakir
- Nang Laveng a princess who also becomes one of Phra Abhai Manee's wife

It gives a rather nice sheet, I think.
The second one I have selected has been issued on the 5th of June 2009 and is dedicated to one of my favourite flowers: orchids.

I will not give you the name of all those orchids, because they are quite complex,but some of them, have been named after members of the royal family.
This cover and these sheets gave me an interesting glimpse of Thai philately!

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