Thursday, August 13, 2009

A postcard carried by balloon

Today I have selected an item that I got recently and which is a bit unusual. Here it is.

This is a commemorative postcard that has been carried by balloon! My knowledge of German language is rather limited but I was able to find out that it commemorates the 95th anniversary of the association of stamp collectors of Graz.
The large cancel also mentions a 25th anniversary but I was not able to find out of what? Also what I don’t know is if the balloon flight was organized for the purpose of this celebration?
And what is the meaning of each mark that you can find on the card. If anybody can help, this will be great.
You surely understand why I got this card: it is because it bears a frog stamp. This is a stamp that I showed already in my series about frogs in fairy tales. The stamp was issued on the 29th of June 1981 and pictures a child drawing illustrating a tale from the Grimm brothers: the frog king. You can read the story here on
my website.
The stamp pictures the scene at the beginning of the tale when the princess meets the frog near the well.

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