Monday, August 17, 2009

A nice surprise from Estonia

Last week I have shown covers that I received from readers of my blog. The cover I selected for today is another example, which additionally falls into one of my collections, the one about famous Eric pictured on stamps! Thank you very much for this sending!

A very impressive collection of air mail labels on the left side, isn’t it?
Let’s have a look to the two stamps located on the right part. They belong to a set of four, issued as a souvenir sheet on the 8th of August 2008. Here is the full sheet.

This set commemorates the birth centenary of Adamson-Eric.
Adamson-Eric (1902-1968), born Erich Carl Hugo Adamson, was an Estonian artist specialized in applied arts. He studied arts in Berlin and the in Paris before coming back to his native Estonia. His pieces of applied art are unique, in a style close to art deco, but are still usable objects, as the plate pictured on the set of stamps. A
museum dedicated to Adamson-Eric is now opened in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

The two other stamps on the cover are definitive ones, as you guessed probably. The one on the right was issued in 1993 and the one of the left in 1996: same design, same denomination but only a slight change in the color of the background.
These stamps picture the coat of arms of Estonia which is a golden shield with three slim blue leopards (or lion). The full version of the coat of arms also includes oak branches along the side of the shield. This design is inspired from the coat of arms of Denmark which ruled Northern Estonia in the 13th century. The coat of arms was initially adopted in 1925 until Estonia got occupied by the Soviet Union in 1940. It was finally re-established in 1993 after the independence of Estonia was proclaimed.

The cancellation of the stamps by the Estonian post is rather clean. What I do not really understand is the presence of a cancel from the French post in the middle!

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Anonymous said...

The cover looks decorative to have many different airmail labels. However, old (not in use anymore) airmail label on the current (sent/cancelled in 2009) will definitely spoit the postal history of the cover.