Monday, August 03, 2009

Error on stamps from Kyrgyzstan

(I was not very active on my blog last week because I’m preparing a massive update of my frog stamps website and doing both at the same time is rather difficult).

Few days ago I was chatting with a collector who as specialized his collection around errors on stamps. Not on printing errors, but on errors on design: wrong picture, wrong naming, misspelling etc. I was telling him that I’m always amazed when the error on a stamp is in fact a misspelling of the country name itself! As a coincidence I discovered two days later, while browsing
a site dedicated to stamps issued from the former Soviet Union countries, a new example that falls into this category: a stamp issued by Kyrgyzstan.

On the 20th of June 2009, Kyrgyzstan has issued a set of stamps bearing the WWF logo and dedicated to an endangered bird, the Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug). The set contains four stamps that have been printed se-tenant. Here is the set and a picture of a full sheet.

The Saker falcon is a very large falcon, of migratory type. He is the national bird of Hungary, where it is assimilated with Turul, a mythological bird that is the messenger of gods.

So where is the error? In fact a first version of the stamp has been issued with a typing mistake on one stamp (the one in the left bottom corner) on the English version of the name of the country. It reads Kyrgyzstfn instead of Kyrgyzstan.
Here is a block of four and a close up of the wrong stamp with a red arrow indicating the mistake (all pictures are coming from the website mentioned above).

I guess that the stamp has been corrected before it is widely sold to public, but I found some of the wrong ones, proposed for a rather high price, on a Russian auctions website!

What is even more interesting is that if you check on the
WWF stamps website, the picture of the set which is proposed on the new issue page is the following.

Not only it is a version containing the error, but even the design is not the design of the final one. It seems to be the preliminary design, where the scientific and common names of the bird where swapped.


Ncil said...

very nice

JNC said...

Not only there may be some text missing on the WWF, but there is a huge difference in the 5.00 stamp. In the WWF website there is one brown chick. In the proper set, there are 2 white ones!