Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cover puzzle from Turkey

I already showed you on my blog some decorated letters that I received from Turkey (see here and here). They were all coming from Ahmet who likes to send and receive covers that he has decorated himself.
Recently I had the surprise to receive, on the same day, not one but four covers coming from him. And as you will see, there is a reason behind this. But first let’s have a look to the covers.

I have already spoken about the definitive stamp located on the far right, but let’s speak about the two other ones. The one in the middle is part of a set of five stamps issued on the 27th of July 2009 (so the cover is somehow a first day cover!) commemorating the 70th anniversary of the ministry of transportation. Here is the complete set (sorry the picture is rather small, it is coming from Turkish postal administration website).

The stamp located on the far left of the cover is part of a set of four stamps issued on the 8th of August 2008 to commemorate - you guessed it - Beijing Olympic Games.

To be noted that in Beijing, Turkey has won, among others, a gold and a bronze medals in wrestling, a silver medal in weightlifting, a silver and a bronze ones in taekwondo : so three of the sports illustrated ave brought medals. Not bad!

The second cover bears the same set of stamps, while the third one bears a block of four of the Beijing stamp.

Here is the fourth one.

The new stamp on this cover is part of a set of two stamps, issued on the 16th of July 2009, and commemorating the 400th anniversary of the birth of Katip Çelebi (1609-1657) an Ottoman scholar. His best known work is a bibliographic encyclopedia, written in Arabic that lists more than 14500 books in alphabetic order. It is said that he died peacefully while drinking a cup of coffee (may be I should of stopping drinking coffee ?). Here is a (small) picture of the complete set.

As you have noticed, each cover is decorated by a part of a drawing. Put together, the four covers make a sort of puzzle (and easy one of course, with only four pieces) picturing a very nice rose. Here is the picture of the four covers put together.

On Ahmet website you can see other examples of similar puzzle. I think this is a very good and very nice idea! Thank you Ahmet for this!

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