Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Canadian singers on a cover

I have already written about my former colleague, Gael, who now lives in the USA. She recently had the opportunity to spend few days in Halifax (Canada) from where she sent me this very nice cover.
The cover is franked with four stamps that have been issued in July 2009 as part of a series entitled Canadian recording artists. Each stamp pictures a famous Canadian artist who has recorded albums in Canada. The four singers on the cover are (clockwise): Robert Charlebois, Stompin’Tom Connors, Bryan Adams and Edith Butler. I must admit that I only knew Robert Charlebois and Bryan Adams! Together with these four stamps, a souvenir sheet having the shape and the design of a record has been issued.

Booklets having the same sort of design have also been issued.

If you look closely to the stamps, you will see that beside the portrait of each artist there is a flower shaped logo. This is the insignia of the Order of Canada, each artist of the set being a member of it. The Order of Canada is a civil honor that has been created in 1967 to match the centennial of the Canadian Confederation. Edith Butler was nominated Officer of the Order of Canada in 1975, Stompin’Tom Connor in 1996, Bryan Adams in 1998 and Robert Charlebois in 1999.
The insignia of the Order of Canada is pictured on a stamp issued in 1977 to celebrate its tenth anniversary (picture coming from Canadian post archive website).

This issue is the second part of a series initiated in 2007 with four other artists. The same type of design, a record shaped sheet, had been chosen at this time for the souvenir sheet.

With these issues Canadian post does not seem to follow the same rule that is followed by French Post or other postal administrations, which is to issue no stamp actually celebrating living people. I wonder if this is an exception…

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Yves Pelletier said...

Other living people shown on canadian stamps: Queen Elizabeth II (and her predecessors), several hockey players (from 2000 to 2005).