Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bicycles on a Russian cover

After some covers that I received from the readers of my blog, here is a nice cover I got from the CCCC and which is coming from Russia.

The cover if franked with three large stamps that belong to a set of four, issued on the 11th of December 2008 and related the history of bicycle. In fact on the cover you can see the bottom left corner of a souvenir sheet, containing a central label. Here is a picture of the full sheet.

The very first vehicle having two wheels and that could be linked to a bicycle appeared in 1817. It was invented by the German Baron Karl von Drais, and from him it took its name of Draisine (in Englich) or Draisienne (in French).
Since then a lot of modifications and innovations have been made in the. The set of stamps picture four different types of bicycles (from bottom left corner, clockwise):
- a collapsible military bicycle, model “Leitner” from 1917
- a racing bicycle from 1938
- a ZiCH-1 bicycle from 1946 (this is the stamp that is not on the cover)
- a B-22 woman bicycle from 1954

Each stamp pictures also a detail of the vehicle in the top right corner.
The cover also bears a small stamp that is part of a definitive series issued on the 29th of August 2008. The full series contain fifteen stamps grouped in five set of three stamps. Each set of three stamp pictures a different animal: hare, fox, lynx (this is the one on the cover), elk and bear.
The large circular cancel from the city of Izhevsk (Иже́вск) is rather clean. It gives at the end of nice cover, don’t you think?

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