Friday, July 03, 2009

Turkish covers (II)

Beginning of this year, I have shown you some covers coming from a contact in Turkey who sends covers that he decorates himself with his own drawings. I have received two additional covers from him recently and decorated with the same subject: a toucan.
Here is the first one

The cover is franked with a large stamp that is part of a set of two issued on the 12th for May 2009. This issue is a joint issue between Turkey and Portugal, to underline the diplomatic relationship between both countries. The subject of both stamps is pottery. Here is a picture of the full set of stamps issued by Turkey.

And here is a picture of the stamps issued by Portugal.

As you can see, same design, and as they were issued at the same date, this joint issue is classified as a twin issue (click here to know more about the classification of joint stamp issues)
The stamp on the cover pictures a vase from Portugal and the other one pictures a Mosque lamp from Turkey. The names of both countries appears on stamps from both nations (which is not always the case for joint issues) with the name of the issuing country is bigger and bolder letters.

The other stamp on the cover is part of a definitive set that I already described in my previous article about the first Turkish covers.

Here is the second one.

The cover is franked with a very large stamp belonging to a set of two stamps issued on the 2nd of April 2009 dedicated to Sultan’s boats. Here is a picture of the full set.

I was not able to find information about the boats that are pictured on the stamps. So if you have some, I would be happy to hear from you.

I like the idea of drawing on covers. And I like the idea of postal art in general. If you are into postal art, I would be very happy to hear from you also. Just drop me an email.

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Mansoor.B said...

I think the words written on the boats mean "boats of Sulthan" or Kings. I have been looking for a contact from turkey for these but with no success.