Monday, July 20, 2009

New frog stamp from Australia (cont’d)

In order to complete my article of last week about the stamps issued for the 150th anniversary of the creation of Queensland, I would like to share with you the other philatelic products related to this issue.
First of all, both stamps have also been issued as a souvenir sheet.

The background of the souvenir sheet pictures a map of Queensland and also a windmill, as on one of the stamps.

Here are the First Day Covers of both stamps and of the souvenir sheet, postmarked from Brisbane.

Also two maximum cards are available, with the same first day cancellation.

Finally the stamps and the souvenir sheet have also been issued in a presentation pack. Here is the front cover of this pack.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
Thanks for showing my cover on your blog and I'm glad you liked it.
The security perforation in the stamp is like an oak leaf because oak in german is "Eiche" and it's the "Eichstätt brief" (Letter from the "Eiche" town) !! So they have combined the two "Eiche" on the stamp in the design & the perforation !

Warm Regards,