Thursday, July 16, 2009

New covers from Japan

In a previous post I wrote about a set of stamps issued by Japan for the 50th anniversary of the wedding between the emperor and the empress. A souvenir sheet was part of the set and I had only a very small picture to share with you. I recently got the very nice surprise to receive a cover franked with this souvenir sheet, from Yusuke, a reader of my blog. Thank you very much Yusuke! Like that I’m able to share with you a larger picture of the souvenir sheet.

Using a full souvenir sheet to frank a cover is not so common so I’m always very happy to get such covers. Each time I try myself to send a cover with a souvenir sheet on it I have to fight to be able to stick it correctly on the cover!

Yusuke sent me also another cover. Here it is. I like the vertical orientation ;-)

The small stamp on the bottom is part of a definitive series about flora and fauna that I already mentioned several times here in my blog. Otherwise on the top of the cover there is the top part (first raw) of a stamp sheet issued on the 5th of June 2009 about flora. The left stamp pictures Chery blossoms whereas the right one pictures a Zelkova serrata, a tree also called keyaki in Japanese. I found a picture of the full sheet on the Japanese post website (this is a “specimen” version, hence the black circles printed on the stamps).

The margins of the sheet are illustrated as you can see. The format of the stamps, a square, is rather unusual for Japan if I’m not wrong.

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