Monday, July 06, 2009

Mythical creatures

Being a sci-fi and fantasy fan (well I’m much more into sci-fi, but fantasy is also ok…), my attention was naturally triggered by a recent stamp issue from Great Britain dedicated to Mythical creatures. Scott, from Positively Postal, made me the surprise to send me the presentation pack of this issue. Thank you very much Scott.

The stamps have been issued on the 16th of June 2009. They picture six different creatures that you can meet in fairy tales or legends: dragons, unicorns, giants, pixies, mermaids and fairies.
Scott’s website you can find plenty of information about this issue (and also a lot of interesting features about other Royal mail issues) and also a competition where you can win some stamps. So don’t hesitate to visit it.

By coincidence it happened that almost at the same time that I received Scott’s letter, I also received a FDC bearing two of these stamps, through a cover exchange circuit. Here is a scan of the FDC, with the dragon and unicorn stamps (the two stamps that I prefer in his issue) and a very nice cancellation picturing a mermaid. The cancel does not bear the mention “first day of issue” so I guess it is why it could be used on the two definitive Machin stamps that were added to complete the franking.

Inside the FDC there was a card giving some information about the creatures pictured on the stamp. Here is a scan of the card.


Alex said...


I really enjoy those kinds of stamps. I'm kind of addicted to all creatures... Do you collect them?
If you want to get a little more, not only from UK, but from all over the world, you can check on I am sure you will find lots of interesting stamps about creatures.

I would say that it's the best site I have tried so far. I never had any problem.
You really have a great blog, I really enjoy reading your articles.
Thanks a lot

David said...

Those stamps are really beautiful... I just bought them on Delcampe... Thanks Alex for this great website.
I'll keep checking some time to see if I find something interesting.