Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More mail art

Some days ago I have shared with you two Mail art covers that I received from Philippe. I have recently received two new ones, very spectacular, still on the frog theme.
The first one is using a stamp issued by French post on the 6th of June 2006 (interesting date 06/06/06!) in the artistic series, and picturing a very colorful panting from the French painter Claude Viallat.
Here is the stamp (picture coming from
La Poste).

And here is the cover.

The second one uses an older stamp, issued on the 19th of April 1991 (denomination is still French Francs) to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of Mozart.
Again here is the stamp (picture coming from
Phila Echanges).

And the cover.

(In case you wonder, the stamp at 2.50 F is not enough to cover the standard rate of a letter in France which is 0.56€ (= 3.67 F ). There are other definitive stamps on the other side of the cover to complete the franking).
On both covers Philippe made a clever use of the design of the stamps!


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Just one word for the mail art you have received .... WOW !!

Lucky you !!


Aurélia said...

Bonjour, ils sont très sympas tes mails-art ! J'en fait aussi. Je t'invite à visiter mon blog et si ça t'intéresse, nous pourrions nous en envoyer mutuellement.