Friday, July 03, 2009

Jetlagged but proud…

I’m back from a 4 days trip to Shanghai and I feel totally jetlagged. Even if the trio was short, my mind is completly messed up, I can not tell the difference between the night and the day! And the weather is extremely hot in Frane. This does not help.
I expected to be able to update my blog during my trip, but unfortunately due to the Internet access control (not to call it censorship) I was not able to access to blogger from China. This is why I have been so silent this week. But now I’m back and I will be able to share with you the items I have received recently.

Even if I’m very tired, I feel really proud because Timbres Magazine, one of the biggest philatelic publication in France (may be the biggest) has published, in its July issue, a portrait of myself! If you read French and if you have the opportunity to read the article just let me know what you think about it. I feel so happy. This is the first time I’m in the newspaper ;-)

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