Monday, July 27, 2009

Frog fossils on Libyan stamp

When you are a topical collector there is a very powerful tool proposed by the ATA (American Topical Association) to its members: the checklist. A checklist is a list of stamps issued on a specific topic, ordered by date of issue and giving reference such as Scott catalog numbers. Prices for electronic versions (Excel file) of checklists are not very high, but of course you need to be a member of the ATA to be able to purchase them. Such lists do not remove the pleasure of searching because anyway they are sometimes incomplete, sometimes they contain mistakes, and they do not include very recent issues anyway. They really provide a very good basis to start a topical collection.
When I decided to start to collect stamps picturing frogs and toads, I naturally purchased the associated checklist from ATA. This was 10 years ago. I remember that I was spending a lot of time browsing the list and trying to find stamps on auctions or stamp dealers websites. I was particularly fascinated by one entry of the list, a stamp from Libya issued on 1985. I was interested by it because it seems that it did not picture a living frog but a frog fossil!
Can you imagine that I spent 10 years looking for this stamp, and only last week I found it on
Delcampe (a very good auctions website) almost by accident?
So now I’m really happy to be able to share it with you. Here is the stamp.

It is a part of a set of three stamps issued on the 1st of March 1985 and dedicated to Libyan fossils.
Frog fossils have been found on all continents, including Antarctica. The earliest full fossil of a modern frog dates from 125 Millions year ago!
This stamp from Libya is the only stamp issued by this country and related to frogs or toads.
The other stamps of the set pictures a fish and a mammal fossil. Here they are.


Anonymous said...

Im Geologist and I like some of it, how I can obtain it or othersike it, thanks from Egypt

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
I also spend a lot of time looking for stamps to complete my frog collection. It is always a pleasure to find a stamp after long time searching.
For example I´m looking for one stamp from Paraguay issued on 28 th August 2001 about domestic wood art showing a carved frog. I did´nt find it till now. So I can understand you.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you like the frog checklist from the ATA. An update went in about 9 months ago. I actually use your website among others to try to find new issues for the list.

PaleoPhilatelist said...

Nice stamps and it's indeed not easy to get set - congratulation.

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