Tuesday, July 07, 2009

French philatelic program

It seems that this year, the French post has decided to innovate for the communication of its philatelic program.
In April of this year, I have received this.

It is a postcard presenting the stamp issues planned for the first half of the year. The recto (top of the image) pictures the stamps to be issued and the recto (bottom of the image) provides the date of issue and the subject.
As you can see this is a sort of pre-paid postcard, with a printed stamp that imitates one of the new personalized stamps called “Mon timbre à moi”. There is no cancellation on this pseudo stamp.
At that time I was a bit surprised to receive the program of the first half of the year in April, whereas the year is already started. On the recto side it is announced that the program of the second half will be sent in June.
And effectively, here is what I have received few days ago.

This is the same principle, a pre-paid postcard with only a difference on the color of the background and of the printed stamp. I let you see the stamps that are going to be issued in the coming months (as usual click on the picture to zoom).

I think this is a good initiative. I wonder if this will continue next year or not. If yes, then we could envisage a new collection of these postal stationeries.

How does your postal administration communicate about its philatelic program? I would be happy to hear from you.


Wei Jie said...


In Singapore, we have around 10 to 12 stamp issues on average in a year. New issues are often publicised via posters at post offices around Singapore.

Dorincard said...

Eric, please give me the link to the Pictorial Postmark Program of the French Post.
These links don't get me there:
"On www.laposte.fr find you on the bottom the link L´actu timbrée. Then take you the picture under Philinfo. After the headline Partout en France are 3 links available: Bureaux de poste temporaires (special cancellation), 1er jour (first day cancellation), autres bureaux (other cancelations)."
I want to know WHAT postmarks will be available, and FOR HOW LONG AFTER that date, if that's the case.
Merci! dorindorinco@gmail.com