Friday, July 24, 2009

First cover from Dominican Republic

Yes, today I’m sharing with you the first cover I received from Dominican Republic! I’m glad to add one new country to my list. But to be honest this cover is still an enigma for me. Let’s show the cover fist.

The first question mark concerns the stamps. I could really find information about them. They have been issued in 2009 but when? For which purpose? The only possibility I found is that they could have been issued in April 2009 to celebrate the first anniversary of the official opening of the new Chinatown (Chinese quarter) of Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic. “Barrio chino”, which is written on both stamps, seems to mean Chinatown. I discovered that in April 2008 has been officially opened a renovated Chinese quarter in Santo Domingo. Plaza de Confucio (which is written on one stamp) is one of the places of this new area in the city.
I don’t know if the stamps are part of a bigger set or not. So if you have information, I will be happy to hear from you.

The second question mark concerns the cancel. Both stamps are cancelled by a rectangular postmark from Santo Domingo, which is normal. But on top, you can see a ink jet printer inscription reading:

“De partout jusqu’à vous… From anywhere to anyone”

This is the cancel used by Canadian post. Why is there a Canadian cancel on this cover? Does anyone have any clue?

By the way, there is an interesting thing to mention about this cancel from Canada: the French part (De partout jusqu’à vous ) is not exactly the translation of the English part. The translation of the French part would be “From anywhere to you” instead o “From anywhere to anyone”.


Hanoï said...

Bonjour Eric
La lettre aurait subi un transit au Canada. J'avais reçu une lettre recommandée envoyée depuis Irlande, elle est bien restée en France (une étiquette Import France) avant qu'elle voyage au Vietnam.

Jean-Claude Linossi said...


I believe this cover was routed through Canada on the way to Europe. It was cancelled by the Canadian Postal service before leaving Canada. Maybe it went through Montreal and was shipped to France from there. Just an idea.