Monday, June 01, 2009

Erik Balling on a Danish stamp

My list of stamps picturing people named Eric (or Erik, Erick, Erich) is growing little by little. I’m happy to be able to add one more, a stamp issued last year by Danish postal administration.

This stamp is part of a series initiated in 2007 and dedicated to famous Danish people. It belongs to a set of four issued on the 27th of August 2008.
Eric Balling (1924-2005) was a Danish TV and film director. He created two of Denmark's most popular TV-series: Matador and Huset på Christianshavn. His film Qivitoq (1956) was presented at the Cannes film festival of 1957 and was nominated for an Oscar.

I could not find so much information about this stamp therefore I do not really know what is pictured on the left side. I guess these are characters from a movie or a TV series directed by Erik Balling.

The other stamps of the set picture Halfdan Rasmussen (1915 –2002), a Danish poet, Bodil Kjer, (1917- 2003), a major Danish actress and Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (1946-2005) a Danish jazz bassist known for his impressive technique.

I think that these stamps are pretty nice, a nice tribute to people they celebrate.

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