Friday, May 15, 2009

Celestial phenomena

It seems that I was wrong when I said, beginning of this week, that I would have more time to update my blog! Again, these days have been very busy and I was not able to deal with stamps. This is a pity because, for me, taking care of my stamps and updating my blog is a very good way to get out of the daily stress…

Today I would like to share with you a set of very colorful stamps that I got from Uwe, a friend in Germany, another frog stamps collector, even if these stamps have nothing to do with frogs.

The stamps have been issued on the 2nd of January 2009 and belong to the series “for the welfare”. The four stamps bear surtax for the benefit of the "Federal Association of Free Welfare Services” and the subject of the stamps is celestial phenomena.

The first stamp pictures Northern lights (or Arctic lights).

Triggered by solar wind (electrically charged radiation from the sun), the Northern lights appear when particles of solar wind meet the Earth's magnetic field and then are deflected to the poles. It creates an aurora that can take different forms. The resulting color is a greenish tone but red, blue and violet can also occur.

Sunset is the subject of the second stamp.

A beautiful rainbow is pictured on the third one.

And last stamp pictures lightning.

I think this set is really nice, but it reminds me a lot a set of stamps from Poland that I presented already some time ago.

Also to be noticed is that the sign “+” on all stamps indicating the surtax is in fact a cross of five points which is meant to symbolize the cohesion of our society, according to the information given on the German postal administration website!

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