Thursday, April 09, 2009

Singapore today

Let’s continue the trend started this week by sharing with you another cover that I received from a fellow blogger. This very, very nice cover comes from Singapore and has been sent by Edmund. Thank you very much Edmund, I owe you at least two nice covers from France. I will take care of this as soon as I have a bit more free time…

The cover is franked by a full set of ten stamps issued on the 9th of August 2008 to celebrate the national day. This set, entitled Singapore today, contains ten stamps picturing photographs of Singapore taken by one of the photographers that have been awarded the cultural medallion.
The cultural medallion was created in 1979 as an initiative of the president of Singapore to reward individuals who have attained artistic excellence in their respective fields. As far as photography is concerned, the first Cultural medallion was awarded in 1982 to David Tray who is celebrated in this set by two stamps. The other photographers that have been selected for this set are: Tan Lip Seng, Chua Soo Bin, Foo Tee Jun and Teo Bee Yan.
In addition to these ten stamps, a miniature sheet completes the set. Here is the picture of the miniature sheet that I took from the website of the postal administration of Singapore.

I rather like this set. It is very colorful and it is a nice way to share with the rest of the world nice sceneries of Singapore. I must admit that I’m very found of Photography. When I was younger I was an active photographer, taking pictures and processing them myself. Nowadays I too busy with my work (and my stamps ;-) ) to continue but I have keep a very high interest for the work of photographers. And I really like the pictures that have been selected for this set. It really makes people feel like visiting Singapore!

Just to complete the picture, the last stamp is a part of the definitive set that I already mentioned in my post about the
previous cover sent by Edmund.

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