Monday, April 06, 2009

Preserving Polar Regions, the French souvenir sheet

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Here is a very short post for today, to share with you a very nice FDC that I received from my fellow blogger Eric. Thank you very much Eric for this wonderful cover.

Some months ago I have written about a sort of omnibus issue, involving more than 40 countries, on the subject of Polar Region preservation (you can read the article here).
The FDC sent by Eric is franked with the souvenir sheet issued by the French post on this subject, but the French issue can not really be considered as a part of the omnibus issue, since the souvenir sheet does not picture the mandatory crystal!
The first day ceremony of this souvenir sheet was held during the last weekend of March, at the same time than a stamp fair held in Macon, from where the FDC has been posted.

The souvenir sheet is dedicated to the Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri), a penguin which is endemic to Antarctica. This penguin has been made famous recently through the French documentary “La Marche de l’Empereur” (The March of the Penguins) which was issued in 2005.

I really like the very nice postmark picturing a polar bears family. Very cute. This is really a nice FDC for my collection!


Eric from Jura said...

Hi Eric,
Très heureux que ce souvenir de Mâcon te plaise :-))
Fyi, this international campaign's stylized crystal ice is well included on this sheet (in the lower right margin) even if it's true that is not really in evidence...
A bientôt !

Eric said...

Thnak you Eric for this correction. Yes the crystal is in, I missed it !