Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pioneers of the industrial revolution and other stuff

I would like to share with you today a gift that I received from Scott, the webmaster of Positively Postal. (Thanks a lot Scott!)
This is a presentation pack of one of the recent issue from Royal Mail and celebrating eight pioneers of the industrial revolution. The set was issued on the 10th of March.

Each stamp pictures the portrait of one innovator and, in the background, one of his most noticeable achievements. The eight personalities that have been selected are: Matthew Boulton, James Watt, Richard Arkwright, Josiah Wedgwood, George Stephenson, Henry Maudslay, James Brindley and John McAdam.
I will not detail too much this issue because I let you read the excellent article that Scott has published on his site. Just click
here to go there.
Scott has also organized a competition around this issue. Just check
here how to participate. And take benefit of your visit on his site to read about the other new issues from Great Britain.

I think that this set of stamps is rather nice. Nice design, nice presentation pack, with very interesting information written inside. The number of stamps is may be a bit high, eight stamps! But it seems to be a bad habit that Royal Mail has taken these last years.

Scott has also sent me a postal card picturing a souvenir sheet issued by Royal Mail on the 26th of February and dedicated to Wales.

For almost all stamp issues Royal Mail issues also a set of postcards picturing the stamps. This is a rather interesting idea. I guess such postal card represents a subject for collection in itself.
The souvenir sheet celebrating Wales pictures, in the background, the
Harlech castle, located in Snowdonia.
The souvenir sheet contains two large stamps, one picturing St David, the patron saint of Wales. The other one pictures the National assembly of Wales located in Cardiff Bay, a place that I had the chance to visit last year and that I really appreciated!
The two small stamps are picturing the famous dragon, one of the symbols of Wales. The stamp in the right bottom corner is part of the definitive series.

This souvenir sheet is the fourth and last part of a series of souvenir sheets entitled “Celebrating”. The three first issues have celebrated England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Here are pictures of those souvenir sheets.

I really like this series. I think the souvenir sheets are really well designed and I appreciate the mixture of long stamps and small ones, the mixture of special stamps and definitive ones. I don’t know how this issue was perceived by people in UK, but I really like it, much more than our huge series “La France à voir / La France à vivre” that contains 100 stamps celebrating our French regions!

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