Monday, April 20, 2009

A letter to Spain wrongly sent to Malaysia…

Last week I had the surprise to find this letter in my mail box.

This is a cover I sent beginning of this year to send my season greetings to Angel in Spain (to be checked). And it comes back, a bit more than three months after, with a postmark “Missent to Malaysia” and another one indicating that the cover was returned because the addressee is unknown!
I wonder why the letter ever traveled to Malaysia. My only guess is that, as I sent a bunch of letters (including letters to Malaysia) at the same time, it is possible that after having being manually cancelled, this letter got stuck in some way with another of my letters that was addressed to Malaysia. Once it arrived in Malaysia the problem was discovered and the letter was sent back.
What I do not know is if the letter was then sent to Spain, and then back to me because of unknown addressee, or if the letter was sent back to me directly from Malaysia. As I do not see any reason why this letter could not reach its destination in Spain, I guess that the second choice is the good one and that the rectangular postmark located on the top of the cover was applied by Malaysian post and not by the Spanish one. There is unfortunately no other cancel on the cover (even on the recto side) that could tell me the exact way that the cover has followed. Does anyone have any idea?
Let me add one word about the stamp on the cover. This is a personalized stamp (called Mon Timbre à Moi in France) that I realized with a nice picture of a baby chicken for Cees. I used them to send my best wishes to my friends all over the word at the beginning of the year.
The stamp has been cancelled at the post office located near Le Louvre, the famous museum of Paris. The particularity of this post office is that it is opened 23 hours a day (it actually closes during one hour for cleaning) and 7 days a week! Another particularity is that it has a mail box dedicated to philatelic mails. When you put a letter into this box, you are more or less sure to get a clean cancel on your cover. This is why I use it a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
Interesting cover !! I had once sent a letter to my address in India from Austria. And it reached Taiwan !! .... there is a clear Taiwan cancellation on it. And then I guess they realise their mistake and it was sent back to India .... but it has no "missent to Taiwan" kind of postmark to it. Or maybe that's the route it took to reach India from Austria ....
Gods knows, but I am very happy with that cover !!


Nasia said...

Hi, I have covers returned to sender from both Spain and Malaysia. The return to sender postmark applied in Malaysia is different to this one and in Spain they apply a label. However my cover from Spain is a couple is from 2011 and the inscriptions on the label are identical to the ones on the postmark on your cover so it was returned to you from Spain. Merry Christmas!