Friday, April 10, 2009

Letter from Iceland

I have today a day off and since my internet connection at home still does not work, I decided to go to a webcafe to update my blog!

To stay in the trend of this week I have decided to share with you a very nice and simple cover that I received recently from a reader of my blog, Benedikt. This cover comes from Iceland. Thank you very much Benedikt for it.

The cover is franked with two stamps that I have already shown here on my blog, quite a long time ago. They have been issued on teh 1rst of October 2007. This set is in fact the Iceland contribution for the SEPAC issue.
The stamps are very nice. They picture Jökulsá canyon, which is the largest canyon of Iceland. Look at these wondefull waterfalls. It really makes me feel like visiting Iceland! This is what a stamp should do: make you feel like visiting the issuing country. Don't you think so?

And I don't need to underline the nice postmark. Very neat and clean. Really a nice cover!

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lefung said...

Yes, their post really doing a very good job! not like our post here :(