Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The frog in the moon: a new occurrence

Some times ago I have wrote some posts about the Chinese legend of the goddess Chang’e. You can these articles here and here. I recently discovered, by accident, that this legend pictured on another stamp, and as this stamp pictures also the frog in the moon that is mentioned in the legend, it fits into my collection of frog stamps.
Here is the stamp.

We clearly see on the stamp, in the moon, the silhouette of the frog (or the toad) mentioned by the legend.

This stamp is a part of a set of six stamps issued on the 16th of March 1999 and picturing stone carving from the Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty started in 202 BC and ended in 220 AD. It was preceded by the Qin Dynasty and followed by the three kingdoms.
The other stamps of the set pictures various scenes as you can see below.

Plowing fields with oxen

Group weaving

Figures dancing in front of fire

Horses and carriage

Jing Ke Attempted to Assassinate Emperor Qinshihuang

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