Thursday, April 16, 2009

FDC from Lithuania with frog cancel

Here is another purchase I made recently on Ebay for my frog stamps collection: a FDC from Lithuania.

The stamp on the cover has been issued on the 13th of December 1993 and belongs to a set of two. Both stamps are dedicated to animals that are listed in the Lithuanian Red Book (the list of protected species).
I already have this stamp in my collection, and it is actually
already pictured on my website, but this is the first time that I come across the FDC. When I saw the nice frog cancel I immediately decided to try to get it. The cancel pictures a toad with its vocal sack inflated, which is not so common on stamps or cancels.
The stamp pictures two Natterjack toads (formerly Bufo calamita and now Epidalea calamita). This toad is native to Northern Europe. One of its particularities is the yellow line down the middle of its back that helps making the distinction with common toad. This yellow line can easily be seen on the stamp.
As you can see, the left part of the FDC gives information about areas where this toad can be found (obviously everywhere in the country!). The verso of the cover also provides some information.

What is surprising is the usage of “British toad” as the common name for Bufo calamita. Normally the common name is Natterjack toad. This is the first time that I see the usage of British toad. Is it a mistake?

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Anonymous said...

Eric, hi!
the above seems to be private FDC (see contact data on verso of the envelope). Maybe that explains the uncommon nomination of the species. Compare it with the official FDC via: