Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ceramic frog from South Korea

As my internet connection is still out of service at home, I have spent my four days Easter weekend sorting out my stamps and scanning my most recent frog stamps in order to prepare an update of my website. Among them, there was a set of stamps that I recently purchased on Ebay. This is not the first time that I discover, by accident, while browsing stamps items on auctions site, a stamp picturing a frog that I did not know, even after several years of research on the exhaustive list of stamps picturing frogs in one way or another.

Here is the set, which takes the form of a block of se-tenant stamps.

It was issued by South Korea on the 20th of November 1998. It is a part of the Beauty series. This series, initiated in 1991 seems to be dedicated to various types of art work: tapestries (1991), fans (1994), clothes (1997), ceramics (1998, the set I’m showing you today), paintings (?) (1999) and jewels (2000). I’m not completely sure my list is complete and exact.
Anyway the 1998 set pictures various type of ceramics. While I’m not sure I can identify what is pictured on the first stamp (starting from left to right and top to bottom), the other ones picture : a box with cranes on lid, a fish, a red white blossom with blue leaf, a frog (!), a dragon, a monkey and a Pagoda.

As I said, I got those stamps on Ebay, and the seller had the nice idea to use some stamps from the same set on the cover. Unfortunately she did not use the frog stamp, but anyway the cover is worth being shared with you, knowing that I haven’t’ shown so many covers from South Korea up to now on my blog.

In addition to the stamps presented above, the cover also contains a definitive stamp from 1973 picturing cranes. The same stamp also exists in blue and dark blue.

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