Thursday, February 12, 2009

Turkish covers

Our philatelic trip is bringing us today in Turkey. So far I have shown you only one cover coming from this country. Today I have two new ones to share with you, both sent by the same person. The sender has another hobby than philately: drawing. He likes to mix both activities and likes to send covers decorated with his own drawings. This is the case for the two covers I’m showing today.

Here is the first one.

The cover is franked with an interesting mixture of stamps. The square one, is the most recent one. It is a part of the 2008 Europa issue whose subject was “letter writing”. The full set contains two stamps. Here are both stamps. A simple but efficient design.

The small stamp located left to the Europa stamp is a part of the 2008 definitive series picturing Turkish cities and regions. The stamp is dedicated to Zonguldak, a city located on the black sea region of Turkey. The full set issued in 2008 contains eight stamps that you can see below.

I think this is a rather good idea to have a definitive stamps series picturing cities or regions of the associated country.
The three last stamps of the cover gave me a bit more difficulties, because I thought they were recent issues whereas this is not the case at all. The three stamps are semi-postal stamps issued on the 19th of May 1962. They picture flowers: a bird of paradise flower, a water lily and a poinsettia (I really like poinsettias). All stamps bear a surtax of 10 Kurus. I was not able to find the purpose of this surtax. I think it has something to do with agriculture, but I’m not completely sure.
To be noted that the three semi-postal stamps bear a denomination in Kurus, whereas the two others bear a denomination in Yeni Kurus, which means “new” Kurus. The Turkish money has changed at the beginning of 2005.

Here is the second cover. I show you the recto and the verso because both sides bear stamps.

On the recto you wan see a stamp issued on the 27th of September 2008 commemorating the 470th anniversary of the naval victory of Preveza. The naval Battle of Preveza took place on 28 September 1538 near Preveza in northwestern Greece between an Ottoman fleet and that of a Christian alliance assembled by Pope Paul III. The victorious Ottoman fleet was lead by Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha (1478-1546), who is pictured on the stamp. One funny thing about him is that his name sounds like “Barbe rousse” (Red beard in French) and he effectively had a read beard.

On the verso, both stamps are part to the definitive stamps issued in 2007. The stamp pictures Siit, a city located in the south east part of Turkey. Below you can see the full set issued in 2007.

I’m very glad to add these two nice covers to my worldwide covers collection!

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