Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New frog stamps to come

On 10th March 2009, Jersey Post will issue the first set in a new stamp series entitled 'Endangered Species' and this first stamp set will highlight the 50th Anniversary of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust which has its headquarters in Jersey. Here is a picture of the set.

As you can guess this set triggered my attention because it contains a frog stamp. The endangered species that are pictured on the stamps are:
35p - Blue Iguana
39p - Madagascan Giant Jumping Rat
43p - Mountain Chicken Frog
52p - Livingstone's Fruit Bat
58p - Andean Bear
76p - Western Lowland Gorilla

The Mountain Chicken Frog (Leptodactylus fallax) is a endemic frog of the Caribbean islands of Dominica and Montserrat (I have already mentioned this frog when writing about the
coat of arms of Dominica). The number of mountain chicken frogs is declining dramatically because this species is the national dish of the islands. It is hunted for its legs and as their name suggests, they taste like chicken. In order to protect the species, a breeding in captivity has been attempted and successfully achieved at Durell’s headquarter.

Another set of stamps to come will contain a frog stamp. This time this is a set of stamps to be issued by Denmark on 10th of June 2009 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the creation of Copenhagen zoological garden.

As you see one of the stamps pictures some pink flamingoes together with a red eyed frog which is a bit hard to identify for sure on such a small picture.

Some expenses to come for me!

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Velu said...

Hi eric . Nice to see you still blogging and posting regularly . A good thing that frog stamps are coming out , but also sad that frogs are making it to the endangered list.

Thanks for all your covers. Have sent you a nice cover a few days back. Hope you get it. Have a great time In Rome.