Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Letter from Estonia

I’m always VERY happy when I receive feedback from the readers of my blog. Sometimes I get emails, sometimes I get a postcard and sometimes I get a cover. As is it the case today with the cover I received from Estonia, containing a postcard and a very nice message from a reader of my blog. Thank you very much!
So here is the cover.

It is franked with the left half of a souvenir sheet containing four stamps and issued on the 18th of February 1998. Here is a picture of the full souvenir sheet.

This sheet was issued to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Eduard Wiiralt (1898-1954) an Estonian artist. During his life Wiiralt has spent several years in Paris, he even definitely moved to Paris in 1946 until his death. He is now buried in Père Lachaise cemetery, one of the cemeteries located inside Paris. He had a specialty in imaginary portraits, and the work pictured on the souvenir sheet is a good example. It is entitled Pörgu (The Hell) and pictures a sort of inventory of all the evil aspects of human beings. This work has been realized in 1930-1932.

Just to complete the picture here is the official FDC of this stamp set picturing also the portrait of Eduard Wiiralt at the end of his life.

An interesting point to be noticed is that the souvenir sheet contains marginal inscriptions in French.

To come back on the cover, I’m also impressed by the quality of the cancel!

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