Friday, February 13, 2009

Handmade FDC from China for the Year of the Ox

Today is again a day disturbed by the fall of a relevant amount of snow in Paris, so only a short post…

I would like to share with you a cover I received from a friend in China. My friend likes to prepare handmade FDC. He did one for me for the first day of the Year of the Ox stamp, which was issued on the 5th of January. Here is the cover I received.

The cover is franked with two other stamps. The one located on the far left is part of a set of two stamps, issued on the 5th of January 2000 to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. The stamp pictures the rising sun in the eastern sky. I could not find any information on the back symbol that can be seen on the stamp, I guess it has something to do with the dragon?

The other stamp is part of a set of four stamps issued on the 25th of January 2003. It pictures a New Year wood print coming from the city of Yangliuqing. This sort of new year wood print seems to be a rather famous tradition in China, and stamps picturing such artwork are regularly issued by the Chinese post. I could not find information on this specific wood print, if anybody has details about it, I would be happy to get some information.
The stamps have been issued also as a souvenir sheet of 2 times four stamps. Here is a picture of the souvenir sheet. Sorry the picture is rather small…

What is interesting on this cover is also the red cancel that you can see on the left side, also picturing an Ox. Personally this is the first time I see such red cancel from China.

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