Friday, February 20, 2009

A new cover from Burma

For today I have selected a cover that I received recently from Burma, well I should better say from the Union of Myanmar, since this is the official name of the country since 1989, even though people in media often use the former name. This is the second time I receive a cover from this country. Here it is.

First thing to notice is that unfortunately the cover went through the postal system without being cancelled.
In a previous article about
the first cover I received from this country, I already mentioned the stamp which is located on the right side, so I will not comment it further.

The stamp located in the middle if a part of set of two stamps issued in 1998 (I did not find the exact date of issue). This set commemorates the Asian and Pacific decade of disabled people. This decade was from 1993 until 2002, a period during which a set of actions were made to help disabled people in this part of the world. The stamp pictures the emblem of the campaign.

The last stamp belongs to a set of three stamps issued on the 1st of March 1996 to celebrate the “Visit Myanmar Year”. The stamp pictures a couple in a boat on the Inlay Lake.
Located in the mountains of Shan State, more than 1300 meters above sea level, are the floating villages of Inlay Lake. This natural lake, rimmed by blue mountain silhouettes, is 22 km long and 10 km wide. A village of villas perched on stilts can be found on the border of this lake (such perched houses can be seen in the background of the stamp). The local fishermen can be seen standing at the stern of their slender boats, rowing with one leg, as the man on the stamp. Scott catalog indicates that the couple on the stamp carries food for Buddha and Buddhist monks. I could not really identify the small character that is in the top left corner and that can be seen also on all the stamps of the same set.

A nice cover! The only thing that is missing is a nice and clean postmark!

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