Thursday, February 05, 2009

Collected after the time limit…

For today I have selected a cover from Romania that I would like to share with you, not necessarily because of the stamps it bears but because of a postal mark.

But first, some words about the stamps.
The large stamp belongs to a set issued on the 21st of April 2008 and picturing various species of bears. The full set contains five stamps and one souvenir sheet containing on stamp). The stamp of the cover pictures an American black bear (Ursus americanus), a bear species that is native from North America (the reason why it is pictured on a stamp from Romania is questionable… as for the other species pictured on the full set).

The other stamp, issued in 2005, is part to the definitive series dedicated to traditional Romanian potteries, a series that I have already mentioned on the
previous article.

The reason why I wanted to show you the cover is the postal mark that you can see on the left border. The mark says: collectata dupa ora limita, which means, if my Romanian is correct, collected after the time limit. Of course I found this mark intriguing and I’m still trying to understand why it was put on the cover.
This mark makes me thing about the post marks that are put on mail to explain apparent delay of the delivery of the mail, when it has been posted after the time limit to allow to be processed by a daily service (e.g. mail sent by train, boats or whatever). I have seen such marks (in English or in French) on old letters. I don’t know if this is the case here. The date stamp indicates Constanta-Tranzit. Constanta is a region and a city located in the south east of Romania. The “Tranzit” does not seem to indicate a standard post office, and the presence of the postal mark seems to indicate a specific processing of the mail. But I could not find detailed information to explain the whole thing. If some readers are able to help me I would be happy to hear from them. Thanks a lot!

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Indiana Bill said...

I asked someone from Romania about your question.

She said that the translation was "collected after the limit hour/time"

Her coworkers idea of the circumstances was "The post offices here have two hours during the day (an hour during the morning and one in the afternoon) when they empty the post boxes around the city and then send them to their destinations. It's possible that the sender went directly to the post office, just a bit after one of those two hours, and left the envelope there instead of the post box. In that case, they accepted the envelope to be sent with the ones that had just been collected, even though it was brought after the time limit, and if it had been thrown in the post box, it would've had to wait until the next round."

-- Bill