Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Favorite Australian films

I have safely arrived in Sydney. My holidays have started very well, the weather here being really nice. I have walked so much that my legs and feet start to hurt.

Since I’m in Sydney I have had the opportunity to visit a post office and I must admit that it was not such a nice experience. It made me think of post offices in London where they are pleased to sell you everything except stamps. The clerk at the post office I visited seemed reluctant to show me all the different stamps she had, so I did not dare insisting and bought the first stamps she showed me, to use them on the postcards I’m going to send to some friends and family. I will not give up ;-) I will try again and visit another post office where I hope I’ll be able to find someone who will be a bit more helpful. I will let you know!

I apologize if I haven’t updated my blog before, but I must confess that the internet connection that is available in my hotel room is rather expensive, so I use it as less as possible. Nevertheless today I have decided to share with you a cover I got recently from a cover exchange circuit and coming from… Australia. It seems appropriate ;-)

So here is the cover, franked with not less than seven stamps!

The band of five se-tenant stamps has been issued on the 3rd of November 2008 to celebrate the Australian films that are the favorite of the public. A competition has been organized between Australian post and the Australian Film Industry, asking people to vote for their favorite Australian movie. The set pictures the posters of the five first movies that were chosen by the public. The five movies are (from left to right):
- Gallipoli
- Lantana
- Muriel’s wedding
- The castle
- The adventure of Priscilla, queen of the desert
It is interesting to see the big diversity of style among the five movies that were selected. I must confess that I have only seen two of those five films, Muriel’s wedding and Priscilla.

This stamp set is a sort of premiere for Australia Post because this is the first time that it issues a set of stamps based on the vote of the public.
As I said, this set of stamp was issued early in November 2008 and early in December 2008 the final winner, the top number 1 movie has been reveled: it is “The castle”. A dedicated souvenir sheet has also been issued to celebrate this final result.

The two other stamps on the cover are part of the Christmas issue. The full set contains four stamps and has been issued on the 31st of October 2008 (rather early for a Christmas stamp se, isn’t it?). Three stamps of the set pictures a religious subject as the stamp located on the far left and that pictures an angel, the two other religious subjects being the wise man and the Madonna and child. To complete the set, the fourth stamp pictures a non religious subject, baubles that are commonly used to decorate Christmas tree.
I’m not so much into religious subjects, but I think that the design of this set is rather efficient for a Christmas issue.

The postmark on the cover is rather clean and is the cancel of the Sydney Philatelic Sales center, so not so surprising that it its clean!

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