Friday, December 26, 2008


Even if the Christmas eve and day are over, I would like to keep the Christmas spirit for today, before entering the last run for the end of the year. I would like to share with you an item I received recently from Scott, a reader of my blog who also maintains the website Postively Postal that I invite you to visit. Thank you very much Scott.
Scott sent me this souvenir sheet.

If you are interested in British philately you know that this is the 2008 Christmas issue from Royal mail. A set of six stamps and a souvenir sheet picturing characters from the Pantomime : the ugly sisters from "Cinderella", Aladdin's genie, Peter Pan's Captain Hook and the wicked queen from "Snow White". Even if I think that the design of these stamps is rather... interesting, I'm still surprised by the choice of Royal Mail to celebrate Christmas! Can somebody tell me the link between Christmas and Pantomime ?
Anyway this is not the first time that Royal Mail selects a surprising subject for its Christmas issue.

Scott also sent me the postal card issued by Royal Mail and picturing this souvenir sheet.

If you are familiar with the stamp issues from Royal Mail you know that, for almost every commemorative stamps that are issued, a postal card is also issued, picturing the stamp. For this issue, Royal Mail has issued seven cards, one for each stamp and one for the souvenir sheet. I guess that collecting these postal card is a collection in itself !
What is interesting in this card is that if you look closely to the stamps, you will see that the perforation pictured on card is different from the actual perforation of the souvenir sheet. On the card the stamps seem to have these now-well-known elliptical security perforation, whereas in reality they have not ! What is also interesting is that if you check on the website of Royal Mail, the picture of the souvenir sheet used on the online shop also pictures the same elliptical perforation. Does it mean that the stamps were intended to be issued with such perforation and finnally were not ? Anybody has any information about that ?

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john rimmer said...

The connection between pantomimes and Christmas is that in Britain pantomime is a form of theatrical entertainment that is traditional at Christmas and no other time of the year. Maybe 'pantomime' has a slightly different meaning in other countries.