Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cats and dogs souvenir sheets from Ukraine

For today I have selected a cover that I received from Ukraine. This is again an example of something that would not be possible from France. But first let me show you the cover.

The cover is franked with a full souvenir sheet that was issued on the 16th of May 2008 picturing six different types of cats. I love cats but I’m not able to identify each species of cat that is pictured on this souvenir sheet.
As you see, this cover is originally a FDC, postmarked on the 16th of May 2008 with a nice pictorial cancel, but then posted beginning of October (see the blue cancel). This is what is not possible in France, you can not send via the postal service a FDC that is already cancelled ! I wonder how this is possible, by the way. How the postal administration makes the difference between this and a double usage of the same stamps ?
This is not the first time I show such case on my blog, I could not find back the exact post but I’m pretty sure I already wrote about such an item in the past. Is this possible in you own country ? I would be happy to hear from you on this subject.

Coming back to the souvenir sheet, I must admit that when I saw it, I immediately thought that this is an example of stamps that are issued to please topical collectors and do not really answer to a postal need. This is a very interesting item for cat stamps collectors. This is why I’m happy to see them used on a cover that has gone through the postal service, at least they have served for the purpose for which they have been issued !
The sheet is nice, nevertheless. I like the line of coloured paws on the left top corner of the sheet, used as a “traffic light” indicator, the indicator to make sure no colour is missing. Another interesting fact on this souvenir sheet is that I you put under UV light you see that :

Look at the cats paws that appear as a security measure. Cute isn’t it ?

On the same day, the postal administration of Ukraine issued a second souvenir sheet dedicated to dogs this time. The sender of the cover has included a copy of this dog sheet, so here it is.

Again, under UV light it gives this picture.


lefung said...

yeah.. this is really cool covers

Игорь Шереметьев said...

I would like to explain you concerning FDC in Ukraine. An envelope with the FC stamps are on sale as a whole item. and by local rules these FDC envelopes may be used as legal for further usage. it is easy to notice the cancelation is made by two different stamps, FD and usual, with current date