Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Eric on stamp

It seems that these days are a time for discovery for me ! Discovery of new items that fit into my stamps collections ! After the stamp issued by USA and picturing Eric Sevareid, after the stamps issued by Slovenia and picturing frogs, here comes a new stamp issued by French Polynesia and picturing Eric de Bisschop.
The stamp has been issued on the 29th of August 2008 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Eric de Bisschop and the end of the “Tahiti Nui” expedition.

Eric de Bisschop was born in France in 1891. He died on the atoll of Rakahanga, in Cook Islands in 1958. He was a famous navigator, known for his transoceanic travels and his research on the population of Pacific islands.

After several adventurous expeditions in China he finally moved to French Polynesia. Inspired by the adventure of Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon Tiki, Eric de Bisschop built a boat called the Tahiti-Nui. At the end of 1956, almost ten years after Thor Heyerdhal, he leaves Papeete to go to Chile. Unfortunately the boat is highly damaged during the trip and has to be abandoned before the completion of the expedition. In 1958, Eric de Bisschop tries again. He builds a new boat, called the Tahiti-Nui II and tries to go from Peru to Polynesia. Again an accident puts an end to the expedition, and this time Eric de Bisschop is killed during the wreck.

A stamp has been issued already in 1988 by French Polynesia to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his death.

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