Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Frog on new stamp from Hungary

To stay in the mood of frog stamps I would like to tell you about a new issue from Hungary.

In order to develop the interest for stamp collecting among young people, Magyar Posta has started to release a new series of stamps entitled PHILAVILLAGE. The complete series will contain a total of 12 stamps, issued in 6 steps. The special feature of this issue is that the stamps can be bought as part of a six-part board game. The six playing sheets make up a fun game for children to learn about stamp collecting.
The stamps show the busy lives of the inhabitants of PHILAVILLAGE. On the first two denominations, issued on the 6th of June, we can the hairdresser and baker.

On the third and fourth denominations, issued on the 20th of June 2008, we can meet the village photographer and optician.

On the 10th of July, the fifth and sixth denominations have been issued picturing the police and the ice cream seller. And here comes the frog, as a policeman !

The seventh and eighth stamps have been issued on the 2nd of September and picture the village school and museum. I could not yet find a picture of the stamps.
The last stamps of the series should be issued before the end of the year. When I get the pictures of the six remaining stamps I will post them here.

I think this is a rather good idea to draw the attention of kids on stamps. Unfortunately, on these days of video games an internet, I’m not so sure that this is really working ! At least this is worth trying

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