Monday, October 06, 2008

FD postal mark on a cover from Lithuania

(As you probably noticed I was not so successful in updating my blog last week than in the previous weeks. This time this was not because of too much work, but because I was in the countryside for a training and my internet connection did not work. I had prepared several posts but I could not published anything ! I'm back now, so everything should be back to normal).

I recently received a cover from Lithuania who appeared to bear an interesting postal mark. Here is the cover.

First, let's say a word about the stamp. It belongs to a set of two stamps issued on the 26th of July 2008 to celebrate the Olympic Games of Beijing. The stamp on the cover pictures the women marathon. The second stamp of the set is dedicated to Laser radical. Here it is.

Lithuania won fives medals during the Olympic games in Beijing : three bronze medals and two silver medals. Among the two silver medals there was one in Laser radical, so this was a good choice for a stamp ! But Lithuania did not win any medal at the women marathon.
The reason why I wanted to show you this cover is not really the stamp but the postal mark FD that you have probably noticed. FD means “Fausse Destination” that could be translated into “Wrong Destination”. It is applied when the mail has reached a wrong destination and could not reach the addressee. In this case, if possible, the mail is put back into the postal service to reach the correct address. This is what happened here. On the back on the cover there is another postmark from another city Garches, showing that the mail reached Garches and then somebody sent it back to Montrouge where I leave. I do not really know why the letter was misrouted.
This FD postal mark exists in different forms. This one is the one I have seen the most often.
Some people have specialized into collecting such postal marks. Not so easy to get this one on a mail addressed to yourself ! So an interesting item at the end !
In the cover there were some stamps including this interesting souvenir sheet of four stamps issued on the 6th of September 2008 and picturing an endangered species of bird : the European roller (Coraccias garrulus).

The stamps have also been issued as single stamps. Here is a picture of the full set.

You know that I like stamps picturing birds, so I was really happy to get this set.

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