Monday, September 22, 2008

Back from China

I’m back from Shanghai. I had a safe but very busy trip. So busy that, as you could see, I was not able to update my blog ! The post about New Zealand was written in the plane, but once in Shanghai I could not find any time to write more. I did not even find the time to visit a post office to buy stamps or to send covers to some of you :-(

In order to stay in the mood, I selected a cover from China to share with you. As you will see this cover commemorates a recent event : the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Let’s start by the cancel : the cover was postmarked on the 8th of August 2008, the day of the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic games. My friends has produced for this purpose a very nice hand made cover !

The stamp located on the right top corner was issued on this same day. This the stamp issued by Chinese post to commemorate the opening ceremony. The stamp design reminds the bird nest, the very nice stadium where was held the opening ceremony. In the centre of the stamp you can see a drawing picturing a smiling sun and some mountains. If you have seen the opening ceremony I’m sure you remember this drawing : it was prepared during the ceremony and was completed when all the athletes walked on it, after having walked in a sort of colored ink, during the presentation parade. I wonder if this drawing has any special meaning ? Anybody knows ?
This stamp has been issued in the form of souvenir sheets.

The stamp located on the left of this first stamp is a part of a definitive series that I already mentioned in my blog. This specific stamp was issued on the 1st of February 2002 and pictured two Taiwan blue magpies. The Taiwan blue magpie (Urocissa caerulea) also called Formosan blue magpie or long-tailed mountain lady, is a member from the Crow family endemic to China that has been chosen as Taiwan’s national bird.

The last stamp on the cover if a part of a set of two stamps issued on the 5th of January 2001 to commemorate the new Chinese year and more precise the year of the Snake. The red character on the stamp is the Chinese character for snake.

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I'm a stamp collector from Shanghai,China. I find your blog very good!