Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walking down O’Connell Street

As I told you before, last week, I went to Dublin. I wanted to get back the letters I posted to myself from there before writing more in details about this trip in my blog. And then I had to find the time to scan the covers…

So I spent the last three days weekend in Dublin. This was my third time in Dublin (fourth time in Ireland) my last time being in 2006. The weather was really not good : we had a lot of wind, a lot of rain (one Irish guy told me that it is always raining in Ireland, this is why the country is so small : it shrinks !). But I anyway enjoyed a lot this trip (cold and wet weather is a good excuse to have a beer in a pub, isn’t it ? I’m more into Beamish, Murphy’s red or Kilkenny than into Guinness…). Irish people are really nice people. During my stay I visited once again the
General Post Office, a place full of history, located on one of the main streets of Dublin : O’Connell Street. I could take this opportunity to visit the philatelic bureau and buy few stamps to send to myself the two following covers.

The first one is franked with the 2008 Europa stamps that were issued on the 9th of June 2008 by Irish post. To illustrate the theme of the year (letters writing), the stamps picture a boy and a girl writing a letter. The boy writes a letter in English (which starts by “dear”) and the girl in Gaelic (which starts by “A shéan”). A very simple but rather attractive design, I think.

The second letter is franked with a set of stamps issued on the 28th of April 2008 to celebrate the International Year of Planet Earth.

These two stamps are the first round stamps issued by Irish post. They picture hand moulded plasticine sculptures of planet earth by two school children : Conor Reid (for the blue one) and Mohammed Rahman (for the red one), whose names are written on the stamps !

One word about the postmark. It is rather hard to read on the scan, but it looks much clearer in reality. This is a printer cancellation that says : RSA – Never ever drink and drive. There is also another message printed in smaller letters but I can not decipher it (may be the same text in Gaelic ?). Irish post has started to use this cancellation on the 1st of August 2008. This is a part of a program launched by RSA (Road Safety Authority) to increase the awareness of people on the danger of alcohol.

As I was inaugurating my new numeric camera I also took some pictures that I can share with you. Here is a picture of the GPO itself, a very nice building.

Here is a close up of the mail boxes that you can find on the façade of the GPO, from where I posted my letters.

Another mail box, a more traditional one, located in the street, few meters away from the GPO.

All along O’Connell street there were also some moving sculptures picturing walking people. Here are two examples of those sculptures. One is taken just in front of the GPO (of course you don’t see them moving on the picture, but the orange characters are actually walking).

I discovered that these sculptures are part of an exhibition called “Walking Down O’Connell Street” by the artist
Julian Opie. Interesting piece of art !

I will for sure come back to Dublin whenever I can !

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Adrian said...

Hi Eric,
Great post! I think the Gaelic you refer to will be Baile Atha Cliath? That's the official Irish name for Dublin.
Not into Guiness? And you're still allowed into the country?!....