Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two covers from India

My crazy week is reaching to an end (tomorrow is a bank holiday in France, and I’m going to spend this three days weekend in Dublin, Ireland). Today I would like to share with you two nice covers I received from India very recently.The first one is a commemorative cover.

It commemorates the 125th anniversary of the GPO (General Post Office) of Shimla, located in the north of India. On the back side of the cover there is a small explanation that I copy here :

The General Post Office, situated on the Mall Shimla is one of the oldest Post Offices in the country. The building known as Conny Cottage was purchased from Mr. Peterson, Manager of the Shimla Bank in 1883. Mr. F. Dalton is believed to have been the first Postmaster. Mr. L.G. Pigott was the last English Postmaster till December1946. Mr. A.K. Hazari became the first Postmaster of Indian origin on 01.01 .1947.
The three-storied, mainly wooden, structure is a nice example of English hill architecture. Prior to acquisition for the Post office, the building had some exclusive shops of European tailors like Engelbad & Co. and Coutts & Co. Some portion of the building, damaged by fire in the year 1972, was renovated, maintaining the original facade. In the year 1992, the GPO was declared as one of the Heritage Post office Buildings in the Country.

As you can see the cover pictures a photography of the GPO building. The commemorative cancel is really beautiful. Thank you very much J.Jyoti for this cover !
One word about the stamps. I
already wrote about the one on the top right corner. The other stamp is a part of a set of definitive stamps issued in 2000 (this one was issued on the 20th of November 2000) related to natural heritage. The stamp pictures a tiger and mentions the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, which is a natural reserve created in 1989 which contain an area dedicated to tigers. If you want to know more about this reserve, I invite you to check this beautiful website

The second cover is coming from
Mansoon and is a first day cover.

The stamps have been issued on the 2nd of August 2008 and picture the Aldabra Giant Tortoise (Geochelone gigantean), the largest tortoise of the world. This is the first hexagonal stamps issued by India, the idea here being to copy the design of the carapace of a tortoise. Those stamps have been issued in souvenir sheets also.
Look at the very nice first day cancel that pictures also the tortoise.
I have always been fascinated by these animals, so I’m very happy to have received this nice cover. Thanks a lot !

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