Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Roses on a cover from Cuba

I’m pleased to show you my second cover coming from Cuba.
The stamps used on the cover belong to a set of six stamps issued on the 25th October 2007 and dedicated to roses varieties. The varieties of roses pictured on the stamp of the cover are :
- 15c : Prima ballerina
- 15c : Alison Wheatcroft
- 75c : Grandmère Jenny

I tried to find some information on those roses, and particularly who were Alison Wheatcroft and Grandmère Jenny they were named after, but I did not succeed in a reasonable time.
The three other stamps of the set picture a Pink parfait (5c), a Fragrant cloud (45c) and a Blue moon. A souvenir sheet has also been issued in this set, bearing one stamp picturing a Rosa highdowensis. Here is a picture of the full set that I found on the web.

I must admit that I’m not really a specialist of roses, I’m always impressed by the very high number of varieties that exist and by the interesting names that are given to these varieties. When I see such roses, it always triggers the same souvenir in my memory : a nice walk in Queen Mary’s garden, in the middle of Regent’s Park in London. A nice place that I like to visit each time I have the opportunity to come to London (which I will do end of October, but very likely there will be no more roses at this time !).

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