Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Returned to sender, unknown addressee

Some times ago I have shown you a letter that was returned to me because it was sent without address. In the same spirit, I recently got back a letter I sent to Japan because the addressee seemed to be unknown. At the end it gives a letter with an interesting collection of cancels so I decided to share it with you. Here is a scan of the recto and verso of the cover (as usual click on the picture to see it bigger).

On the recto, on top of the French postmark you can see two small round red cancel containing a Japanese letter (any idea what these cancels are ?) , one large red cancel indicating in RETURN UNKWOWN in English and Japanese, and a blue one, indicating the same but this time in French (RETOUR INCONNU) ! On the verso we can see the cancel of the Japanese post to indicate the date of return. This letter took several months to reach me back !
One word about the stamps I used on the cover. They picture the famous Harry Potter. This is a stamp issued last year for “La fête du timbre”. Here, this a version of the stamp that you hardly see on cover : this is a self-adhesive stamp, se-tenant with a label, coming from a pre-personalized souvenir sheet. Here is a picture of the full sheet.

You hardly see those stamps on cover because the price of the souvenir sheet is much higher than the total of the face value of the stamps. Therefore these items are mainly issued for collectors, not as real postal item.

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