Monday, August 11, 2008

My first cover from Armenia

I’m thrilled ! Why ? For two reasons. First of all I have received last week my first cover coming from Armenia ! The second reason is that it is coming from a regular reader of my blog, who sent me a very nice message. Thank you very much for this ! (It’s a pity you did not give me your address, I could have sent you back a cover from France).
Here is the cover.

Now the difficulties begin ;-). I must admit I had quite a hard time gathering information about the stamps. Such a hard that I could not clearly identify the second large stamp from the left. It seems to have been issued in 2008, but that is all I could find out. When was it issued exactly ? What does it picture ? I could not find any information.

The other large stamp, the one on the far left was easier to identify. It has been issued on the 27th of October 2007. The stamp pictures a traditional musical instrument : the kamancha which is a bowed string instrument related to violin. It is held like a cello, as we can see on the background of the stamp.

The three other stamps, the small ones are definitive stamps. I could not find the exact date of issue on these three stamps. In 2007 four similar stamps were issued but with different face value or colors. There is something that surprised me : in this set issued in 2007, there is one stamp with the face value of 50, which is also pink, as the one on the cover. But whereas the color of the one on the cover is pale pink, the one of the stamp issued in 2007 is a vivid pink. I wonder why two versiosn of the same denomination exist. Can somebody help me ? For reference, here is the stamp issued in 2007.

Those definitive stamps picture a portrait of Tigran the Great. Tigran II was a king of Armenia (from 95 to 55 BC), who made of Armenia, for a short period, one of the strongest state in the area. He is sometimes referred as the king of kings. His portrait also appears on coins.


Ray said...

Hello, your cover from Armenia is nice. I am regular reader of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Eric,hi and you are most welcome!

Just a quick comment - the 120AMD stamp should be dedicated to the traditional woodcraft - had difficulties with mapping the topic as well - nevertheless the listing of 2008 stamps helped. The pink 50AMD standard with Tigran the Great is this years issue as well, while the similar design in red was issued last year.

regards, mk