Monday, August 04, 2008

Lighthouses from Germany

I recently received two very nice covers from Germany that happen to bear the same stamp. They have been sent by two different persons, so this is quite a funny coincidence. The first cover is in fact a First Day cover. Here it is.

The two stamps located on the left top corner belong to the flowers definitive stamps series. They were issued in 2005 and picture a tulip and a crocus.

The square stamp on the right top corner was issued on the 3rd of July 2008. It is a part of a set of two stamps about lighthouses. The lighthouse pictured on the stamp is the one located on the North Sea Island Amrum. It was put into operation in 1875. Its light is located at a 63 m height which makes it the highest on the German North Sea coast. In 1952 it was painted in red and white as it appears today. The lighthouse was operated manually until 1984 when an automatic control was put in place. Here is a picture of the second stamp of the set. It pictures a lighthouse located in Warnemünde, on the Baltic sea.

I let you admire the very nice first day cancel on the cover !

The same stamp was used by Kapalna who sent me this very nice cover, including some very nice frog stamps. Thank you so much Kapalna !

The second stamp on this cover was also issued on the 3rd of July 2008, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lovis Corinth. Lovis Corinth (1858-1925) was a Germain painter whose work realized a synthesis of impressionism and expressionism. The stamp pictures two paintings from Corinth, separated by his signature. On the left side of the stamp is pictured a painting dated from 1902, Self-portrait with a model. On the right side is pictured a painting realized in 1910 and entitled Morning sun.
I did not know this painter, but as I searched for some information about him, I could see several of his paintings and I must admit that I really liked them !

The cover if not a first day cover, but look at the very clean postmark from Stuttgart ! I’ve very impressed ! This is impossible, in France, to get such a clean cancel in a post office out of a philatelic bureau !


cees said...

Hello Eric,
Like all the background information when you put something on your blog.
Lighthouses a great topic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Thanks for showing my on your blog...the cover I sent you is a first day cover in the sense that both the stamps were issued on 3rd July...the day they are cancelled...unfortunatly they don't use the "First Day" mark in any other place but Berlin & Bonn.
Sad ... but atleast like you mention they do do clean postmarks !! You should see the ones from India...I'm sure you will like the French ones then !!

Kind Regards,