Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Frogs from Netherlands

I haven’t much time today but I would like to show you two sets of items I got recently related to frogs.

As an answer to my post related to the frog prince pictured on stamps, Adrian has sent me the stamp and the souvenir sheet from Netherlands that I mentioned in my article and that I was missing ! Thank you very much Adrian for this. Here is the stamp and the souvenir sheet issued on the 11th of November 1980 by Netherlands.

The second item I wanted to show you is coming from Cees. As an echo to the French personalized stamp that I showed you here, he sent me a personalized stamp from Netherlands, picturing the top of the head of a frog. Thank you very much for this very nice stamp, Cees. Now I’ll try to get a nice personalized French stamp picturing chicken ;-)

Cees also used two of this stamp on the cover he sent me. Here is a picture of the cover.

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Adrian said...

Glad you like it!