Monday, August 25, 2008

Farewell Beijing 2008

2008 Summer Olympic Games are now over. Yesterday I have watched the very nice and impressive closing ceremony that put an end to these 29th Olympic Games of the modern era. Two weeks ago, on the 8th of August 2008 was the opening ceremony which was grandiose and breathtaking. As a souvenir, let me show you this cover I got from Alexander, postmarked on the 08/08/08 !

The three se-tenant stamps used on the cover have been issued by Russia on the 15th of April 2008 to celebrate the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. A lot of various sports are pictured in the background of the stamps. And look at the nice and clear postmark !
Thank you very much Alexander for this very nice cover !
France did not do so bad for these games, winning 40 medals (7 gold, 16 silver and 17 bronze) which is more than in Athens in 2004 (even if we won more gold medals in Athens…). So congratulations to the French team. Yesterday I had the idea to look back at the souvenir sheet issued by France to celebrate these games. I wanted to check what sports were selected by French post to be pictured, and to see what were the results for these sports.
First of all, let me show again the souvenir sheet that was issued.

The eight sports that are pictured are : walk, tennis, track cycling, horse riding, judo, fencing, swimming, canoe/kayak. I have the feeling that the sports that were selected are the ones for which we had a probability to get a gold medal. Unfortunately things happened differently.
In walk, our best athlete had to give up because of a leg injury, we did not get any medals at all. The same for tennis and horse riding.
In track cycling we only got silver and bronze medals, but we got a gold medal on BMX (women) and Mountain Bike (men) (each time we got gold and silver medals) !
In judo we only got silver and bronze medals. The same in canoe/kayak.
Only fencing and swimming did we get gold medals, among the sport selected by the French post.
Hopefully we had the good surprise to get a gold medal for Handball (men) – well this is not really a surprise in fact because we currently have one of the best teams of the world ;-). What was more a surprise was the gold medal we got in wrestling. The other sports were we got medals are : archery, steeplechase, boxing, rowing, weightlifting, sailing, shooting, taekwondo and artistic gymnastics.

What about the stamps issued by your country ? Did they picture sports where your country got medals ?

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Benedikt said...

In Iceland we would have appreciated another outcome in the handball final game. That would have been the nation's first gold medal ever at the Olympics. But the French team probably deserved to win that day.